Why Remix acquisition by Shopify is good news for the dev community

Recently we heard that Remix is joining forces with Shopify and I've been asked about how bad is that, some people around the Mexican web dev community are talking about this like it is bad news, but I don't think like so.

I think this is good news mostly because we are about to get a big, dedicated, and fully focused team improving Remix full-time, and this will lead to a Remix framework that would be able to compete.

Take a look at what Next 13 is doing, Next team is adding a lot of functionalities that Remix already has, and I don't think this is a coincidence, Remix is offering a better developer experience simplifying things for us, the developers, and is very obvious if you do a little search, open source community is turning their attention to Remix, so Next won't just be staring at this.

Remember, Next is part of Vercel, and even when Next is an open-source framework that is fully backed by Vercel, Remix appeared with fresh ideas that were well received by the community without the funding that Next has so Next is behaving like a tech giant now, just look at their presentations in the Next Conf, it looks just like an Apple Conf, the next step? smash the competition.

So, if Remix can use a little bit of backup, I think is excellent for Remix to be able to compete empowered with Shopify's millions. The only winner from this is the developer and obviously our users.

Hello hydrogen

Another good thing

In my case as an indie developer, I'm always eager to discover new stuff that I ignore, I follow great developers like Ryan Florence and that's how I found out Remix and I'm really glad I did.

Now with this news, I want to learn some of the tools that are about to work along with Remix in the Shopify ecosystem, in the past years I wanted to know how to build an e-commerce for Shopify in order to create a new service for my clients or maybe a Saas, but knowing that maybe I'd need to deal with boring technologies kept me from trying and focused in the stuff that I like and enjoy (Remix), now I have the perfect excuse to learn more about Shopify tools and maybe understand how to build not only an e-commerce site on Shopify but a great performant one with Remix.

Its good news for you too

I'm talking from my perspective of course (I'm from México) and working with Remix has already taught me a lot about the web and the platform #useThePlatform because if you are a web developer in my country you have taught everything yourself with a lot of effort and even tho, you have big gap still to close in order to become a great developer, and we have a lot of great Mexican developers, we really work hard to close the gap, that's why Remix is a great discovering for me. I feel myself learning about the web like never before and I'm also building a lot of features really hard to build and imagine before Remix, so if Remix is about to speed up its improvement process and we will have cool developer tools sooner that's not good news, that is great news!. If you didn't know about Remix, now you know, and just like me, you could discover Remix too and speed up and improve your developer experience while learning about the platform in the process.

I'm so excited about Remix that I created a course

Before Remix I was working with create-react-app/expressjs and I was trying to migrate to Next but something just didn't click in my head about Next (maybe because it is mainstream) and I sometimes dictate a course about express + React with not so much intension, just teach about my findings and my workflow. Then Remix appear this year for me (when it turned open source) and ¡everything changed!

And now I'm really passionate about teaching my community about this amazing framework. So I started a live course in order to get fresh feedback on what I'm teaching and yes I admit, in order to master the Framework too (teaching is the best learning practice).

Live course

So to conclude this little rant, I really think that good things are about to come to Remix, thanks to Shopify's support. In the end, we can only have hope (hehe) until now, the Remix team did really weel with react-router so we can only trust their experience and recent behavior (they are open-source pillars in the web community). Just remember web tools have a really short life cycle, and we need to enjoy what we enjoy before is too late.

And that's it. thanks for your time and happy coding. 📀

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